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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wow. These past couple weeks I've felt like I was going to overload. Thankfully, my manager is back at work as is another coworker. Thank heavens since the Holiday shopping season is starting to pick up. For those of you who don't remember *cough*DRZ*cough* I work at Barnes and Noble. I have the lovely joy of making tired shoppers their coffee.
Speaking of work, a few weeks ago we went to a program on BNinside called E-planner. Instead of each department's binder full of papers detailing changes and the like, its electronic. So all you have to do is pop over to a terminal, log in, and you have your information for your department right there. Very handy. Especially as certain planners would get left by the hand sink and garbage can and get *STUFF* all over them through out the course of a month (they're monthly planners). I also imagine that this makes it easier to update. Corporate can just go in and update things (like a teacher updates WebCT) and there you are. Less emails. Much easier. Ah, the things technology improves.

(In case anyone was wondering, I MUCH prefer the paper planners. Easier to find what I need)

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Dr. Z said...

Cool entry. How did you add the kitty? It is intriguing.