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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reading multiple postings of Tiffany's blog I can really tell how excited she gets about Second Life. Due to my computer's limitations I haven't gotten to play with it very well, but I can think up a couple uses for it. For example, I've heard students constantly whining about 'when are we going to use this?' in relation to math. Imagine if I had a boundless net work of people who could get me individuals around the world who know exactly how different branches of mathematics can be applied to everyday life and work. I could then arrange for them to get on Second Life and meet with me and my students during class time (and maybe outside of class time as an extra credit incentive too) to discuss these things. It would give the students a much broader scope of what could be done with math, and maybe even get some of them interested in doing more with it. (It would also spark an interest in technology, I'm sure.)

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