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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reading through Sarah L's blog and what she mentions about how blogs can be used in the classroom (as well as what she's mentioned in class) have made me think about how I could use blogs in my future classrooms. I think it would be a great place to put up further explanations of the day's lessons as well as linking to scanned notes and other useful sites. It would also be an additional way for students to get in touch with me if they're working on homework and get stuck (sorry, parents aren't always great at helping with math homework). Plus it would be a way to get the students more interested in learning.
I can just see it now, me telling students all the usual things on the first day of school, then adding that I have a blog that will give further insight into the day's lesson, list homework, and that kind of thing. I'm sure they would all just stare at me in shock, not sure if they can believe that an adult could be so cool. :D Okay, I'm pushing it a bit, but I'm sure some students will think its nifty.

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Dr. Z said...

I think that if your students see that you have a blog, they will be much more in tune with you and your activities.