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Friday, November 23, 2007

I was very intrigued by Lois' blog about talking to her niece about technology. Seeing the how surprised the younger generations can be by the non-digital natives' use of technology is a little bit surprising. As I read, I was nodding my head to all of the things Lois mentioned her niece did because I do a lot of the same thing. (Often all at once too!) It made me think about the fact that Digital Natives are considered anyone born after 1985 and Digital Immigrants are people born before 1985. So where does that leave poor people like me, who were born IN 1985? There are times when I consider myself a digital native, but there are times when I stare at something technological in complete and utter dismay.
I have often thought about this fact and have decided that the people born in 1985 must be something like a swinging door. We can go into one room that is filled with computers and technology, but we can also go into the room filled with papers and pens and older things. I think my bedroom is kind of like that. I have a desk top, a laptop, webcam, optic mouse, etc. But I also have tons of books and loose paper. I prefer to look on the internet and find my information for papers, but then I'll print it off and use a high lighter on it (this is also easier on my eyes).
I guess I've kind of got the best of both worlds. I know how to multi-task and I can figure out just about any technology, but I can also disconnect and turn off all the technology and just relax. Makes me feel a little better about technically being left out of the digital immigrant/digital native label.


Dr. Z said...

I like the swinging door metaphor. I think that you hit it right on the head.


Megan said...

I agree with you. As one of those people who were born in 1985, I also have a laptop, digital video camera, and things like that. I also have many books and will go days without touching my computer!