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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

While perusing Derek's blog I noticed a particular post about an HP Touch Screen Computer. The listed uses immediately made my synapses fire and think about how I could twist this to a math bend (I'm getting really good at doing this!). What I came up with is using Geometer's Sketchpad in concert with the touch screen to give the students MORE tactile interaction with it (actually getting to pull the figure around with your fingers, lots more fun than a mouse) as well as making it into a notes/homework repository. The students could (similarly to the Tablet PC) do all their homework on the computer and e-mail it to the teacher so *GASP* its legible! (They can convert it to text and send a copy of the 'hand written' so the teacher knows its their work.)

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Dr. Z said...

What a great idea!!! Great when the synapses fire, isn't it?